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Culinary Arts

1 Year SSC and above 6 Months Industrial Training

About The Course

Phase - 1 of your career on the job

To be a beginner as Food Production Assistant to Chef's Team.

Phase - 2 of your career growth

As you gain experience, learn and perform with efficiency, you begin to climb up the culinary ladder.

This depends on your initiative and level of excellence in performance level of creativity.

A MasterChef is a Good Manager, he knows when to delegate and when to correct the errors of his/her team. Learning the Art of Management is essential to reach the top.

Course Modules:
  • Food Production – Theory
  • Food Production – Practical

    Individual A la Carte Cooking and Bulk Production Indian, Mediterranean, Oriental - Chinese, Thai Western – French, Italian & Others

  • Bakery and Patisserie – Theory
  • Bakery and Patisserie – Practical
  • Journal
  • Project Assignments
  • Food Production Management and Cost Control
  • Hygiene and Food Safety
  • Communication
Career Growth:
Food Production Trainee
Commis - II
Commis - I
Demi Chef De Partie
Junior Sous Chef
Sous Chef
Executive Chef/Chef De Cuisine/Master Chef

Earn as you learn …Daily Training in Industry (Optional)

Join HSDI and kick start your career in the Hospitality Industry.

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