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Principal Director – Hospitality Skills Development Institute

Director Education

Dayal C Advani is a Founder Director - Education of HSDI

With over 40 years of experience in the hotel management sector, Dayal Advani is a name synonymous with trust, quality and taste. Right from beginning as a Chef Instructor at Mumbai’s Institute of Hotel Management, he has moved from strength to strength, working hard to pave the way for expertise in hospitality at every bend, his sincere commitment to his work has succeeded in winning hearts across the globe.

Mr. Advani’s passion for the art of cooking was ignited by his father, the late Chandru Advani, himself a connoisseur of fine food. The journey of learning hospitality began in 1972, when Dayal joined IHM Mumbai, Asia’s first catering institute. During the tenure of learning at IHM Mumbai, he was trained at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai where he was mentored by renowned Chef Satish Arora. Advani graduated in 1976 and topped the course. His mentor and Principal at that time Padmashree (Late) Thangam E Philip, mother of catering and culinary education in India, compelled him to go into teaching at the same institute as a Chef Instructor showcasing French, Indian and global cuisines. His four-year tenure of dedicated teaching from 1976 to 1980—helped him find his strengths in the culinary arts.

Professional Life:

His professional career has seen him take on a myriad roles in the hotel industry, following tenure of teaching, he joined the industry as an operations manager and climbed the rungs till he became a general manager. Armed with experience of developing and operating a premium four star hotel, it put him out of his chair on the way to become a professional consultant—with one of his assignments, Hyde Park Restaurant, providing him with the opportunity to serve none other than Mr. JRD Tata, father of aviation and hospitality in India, whom he repeatedly served with the finest authentic Indian and Western cuisines.

Diligence and Devotion:

His diligence and devotion to the hospitality world culminated in the formation of “Hospitality Solutions - A One Stop Service for Developing and Managing Hospitality Projects”. The company takes charge of every aspect, including site selection and commissioning for all hotel and restaurant projects, with his dynamic approach ensuring the success of each venture. The service has an impressive track record in the planning and design of Smart Kitchens & Back of the House Areas for several prominent hotels.


With a focus on education and spreading his love for cooking, Dayal Advani has developed and standardised recipes for not only Indian cuisine, keeping in mind the universal passion for food and turning it into a new vision- one of educating aspiring chefs in the culinary arts and striving to perfect cuisine culture, right from development to implementation.

He aims to light the path to success for learners to be masters in the art of culinary craftsmanship, enabling them to achieve perfection and pursue a wealth of career opportunities in the hospitality industry. With the experience and wisdom that comes with age, Mr. Advani is 65 and going strong, now on an ongoing mission to form a consortium of academicians, with the objective of preserving the knowledge and skills of retired mentors, immortalising their immense expertise in the form of professional cook books, training videos and Skill Development Institutes with Applied Training Centres, to educate trainers in all areas of hospitality and to provide career-oriented courses in the culinary arts , food & beverage services, as well as housekeeping.

His passion for education has resulted in his current venture — Hospitality Skills Development Institute for Niyaaz Education Foundation in Belgavi, Karnataka, opening August 2019






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