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Reputed Domestic and International Brand Hotels will conduct Campus Interviews or send call letters for interviews in hotel premises

For all courses First Installment 50% Before commencement of Second Semester balance 50% Mess Fees - advance for 3 months Uniform and tool kits, journal books, text books – on admission

Yes (on campus or outside campus)

Compulsory industrial training as scheduled by management during weekends / on completions of first or second term

Knowledgeable faculty on board. Experts from the hospitality industry will be invited as visiting faculty

Will organize, visits to Hotels Restaurants in different categories Central Production Units

No, Industrial Training will be scheduled after 1st and 2nd semester depending on demand in Hotels

No, Basic housekeeping procedures related to kitchen cleaning / restaurant cleaning, will be part of hygiene lessons

No. Uniforms at extra cost as listed above

Notes to be taken by students during classrooms teaching

Bakery: This includes variety breads, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes and muffins

Patisserie: Decorated cakes, desserts – traditional and modern

Confectionery: Includes chocolates

Students will train and counselled to do survey, research and studies and to summarize findings of studies and survey in a hard copy and soft copy format.

Journal are note books to be written and maintained in a prescribed format. Journals will be required for all subjects.

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