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Education Foundation by Niyaaz. Developing Knowledge & Skills to next generation.


To impart requisite knowledge & skills for different levels in hospitality industry.
To develop confidence in students to perform on the job with high level of competence.
To develop positive attitude as desired by for the hospitality industry.
To provide skilled personnel to hospitality industry in India and abroad.


To be a centre for Learning for aspiring youths to be Masters in different areas of hospitality.
To develop and train faculty to impart knowledge and develop skills.
To foster integral development through education, promoting excellence in service, upholding ethical principles and developing entrepreneurial spirit to produce professionals of global standards.
To be the anchor of transformational education for a thriving hospitality industry, leading to enhanced quality of life.


Enable students to achieve core competence through theoritical knowledge and supplement it with practical individual and on the job training in various arenas of hospitality industry.
- Dayal C. Advani - Principal Director (Hospitality Skills Development Institute)

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